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Payment protection insurance cover, (also referred to as PPI, credit safety insurance, loan repayment insurance coverage, not to become confused with income protection or credit card cover) is definitely an insurance cover product that's frequently designed to cover a debt that is currently outstanding (only income payment protection, or even the Competitors Commission preferred term "short term IP" is not particular to a debt but covers any income). This financial debt is typically in the type of a mortgage or an overdraft, and it is most broadly offered by banking institutions as well as other credit companies as an add-on to the mortgage or overdraft item. It usually addresses the borrower in opposition to an incident, illness, unemployment or demise, conditions that may stop them from earning a salary/wage by which they can service
the debt.

PPI generally addresses minimal loan (or overdraft) payments for a finite time period (typically
12 months). After this point the borrower should discover other means to repay the debt,
although the time period covered by insurance coverage is typically long enough for most people to start working again and generate sufficient funds to service their financial debt. PPI is different from other types of insurance such as home insurance, in that it could be quite challenging to determine if it is right for an individual or not. Careful assessment of what would occur if a person became unemployed would need to be regarded as, as payments in lieu of notice (for example) may render a claim ineligible despite the insured person being genuinely unemployed. In this case, the approach taken by PPI insurers is consistent with that taken by the Benefits Agency in respect of unemployment benefits.

Why Choose Us?

You may have read recently that it's easy to reclaim PPI yourself. It appears simple to do, but in practice it can be very difficult. For each and every individual who has claimed successfully, there are many thousands more who have been unable to complete the procedure and ultimately give up.

The Lenders give the impression that they will look into each and every claim sympathetically, nevertheless, what they often do is make it extremely difficult for you. They delay answering your letters and move you from one Department to an additional within the hope which you will ultimately lose patience and abandon your claim.

Many Lenders will offer a derisory settlement as a goodwill gesture which comes nowhere near the quantity that might be due to you or alternatively they merely deposit cash to your account with no prior consultation with yourself and once more this will not be the amount you may be due. We at PPI Experts will allocate your case to one of our Partner Law Firms who have vast expertise in dealing with these types of claims. We have discovered that Lenders respond much quicker to claims submitted by a Solicitor than they do to individual claimants.

On average your claim ought to take between 2-5 months. Within the event of your Solicitor not successful initially, he will submit your claim to the Financial Ombudsman. Due to our "no win-no fee" policy this may not cost you any money.

To find out how much money you are owed fill in the form now. We will have a look at your claim and let you know how much money you will be awarded within 6 hours.